Chapter 12.12

12.12.020 Disorderly Conduct.

No person shall engage in disorderly conduct within Seapoint or Crescent Beach.  Disorderly conduct as used herein shall include but not limited to the making of loud and unreasonable noises; the activating of any device or explosive substance which releases noxious or offensive odors; knowingly accost, insult, taunt, or challenge any person with offensive, derisive or annoying words or gestures, or other physical conduct which would in fact have a direct tendency to cause a violent response by an ordinary person in the situation of a person so accosted, insulted, taunted, or challenged.

12.12.040 Public Indecency.

 No person shall engage in public indecency within Seapoint or Crescent Beaches.  As used in this chapter, public indecency shall be defined as set forth in Title 17-A, Section 854 of the Maine Criminal Code.


12.12.050 Littering.

No person shall throw, drop, deposit, discard or otherwise dispose of litter within Seapoint and Crescent Beaches except in a litter receptacle.

12.12.060 Disturbing Topography.

No person shall remove, molest, injure, or otherwise damage anything natural or physical within Seapoint and Crescent Beaches.  This provision is not intended to regulate the removal of seashells, driftwood, seaweed and scientific samples.

12.12.070 Alcoholic Beverages.

No person shall drink or consume any alcoholic, spirituous, vinous, fermented or other alcoholic beverage, or combination of liquors and mix liquors upon Seapoint and Crescent beaches.

12.12.080 Animals.

No domestic animal shall be allowed within Seapoint or Crescent beaches except dogs, while under the control of their owner or keeper, are allowed on Seapoint or Crescent beaches at times other than between the hours of 10AM to 5PM from June 15th through September 10th of each year.  This limitation does not apply to guide or seeing eye dogs when used as such.  At no time shall the owner or keeper of any dog allow that dog to run at large of Seapoint or Crescent beach or enter upon any publicly owned saltmarsh immediately adjacent to Seapoint or Crescent Beach.  From May 15th and September 30th inclusive, only dogs licensed to town residents are allowed on Seapoint and Crescent beach.

A "pooper scooper" rule is in effect for dogs.  Owners and keepers must properly dispose of animal waste either by placing it in the supplied receptacle, or by taking it with them when they depart the beach. (Ord. 7-03)


Fires are permitted on Seapoint and Crescent Beaches.  There is no requirement to obtain a burn permit.

12.12.100 Entering upon Saltmarsh

No person shall trespass or enter upon the publicly owned saltmarsh immediately adjacent to Seapoint or Crescent beaches, except for educational or scientific purposes and only after approval is granted by the Kittery Town Council or it's duly designated agent(s).  Requests shall be made to the Kittery Town Clerk, who shall refer all such requests to the Kittery Town Council or it's duly designated agent(s).  Public notice shall be given by locating signs conspicuously along the saltmarsh notifying the public of this limitation.

12.12.110 Windsurfers Prohibited.

No person shall engage in windsurfing in the waters of Seapoint and Crescent beaches between June 15th and September 10th of each year except in those areas duly authorized and designated by the Kittery Town Council.  Public notice of such designated areas shall be conspicuously posted in the beach parking lot or other conspicuous place.

12.12.120 Jet-skis prohibited.

Jet skis are prohibited on the shore or in the waters of Seapoint and Crescent beaches.

12.12.130 Selling prohibited.

The selling of merchandise is prohibited at Seapoint and Crescent beach.

12.12.140 Camping prohibited.

Camping is prohibited from 11:00PM  to 6:00AM.

12.12.150 Hours of operation.

A. Seapoint and Crescent beach and all parking areas are closed to the general public between the hours of 11:00PM and 3:00AM with the exception of vehicles used in their official capacity by agents or employees of:

The Town of Kittery

Public Utilities

Emergency Services; and

Contractors providing service to or on behalf of the above.

B. The owners or operators of any motor vehicles found in violation of this subsection will be summoned and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense, as provided in subsection A of Section 10.12.040.


Oct. 1 to May 14:No Restrictions.  Both resident and Non-residents may park in ANY legal parking area-including adjacent lot to the beach itself.

Hours: Allowed 3:01AM to 11:00PM

           Closed 11:01PM to 3:00AM

May 15 to Sept. 30: Restricted.  All parking in all legal areas is restricted to Kittery residents ONLY. (Town Code 12.12.030B).  Vehicles must display Kittery dump sticker or Guest Permit, issued by Chief of Police.

HOURS: Same as above


Oct. 1 to May 14:All dogs ( Resident and non-resident alike) allowed on Seapoint and Crescent beach.  May be off leash ( Under control of their owner/keeper).  No time of day restrictions.

May 15 to Sept. 30:  Only dogs licensed to Kittery residents are allowed on Seapoint and Crescent beaches.

June 15 to Sept. 10: Time of day restrictions. Dogs licensed to Kittery residents may only be on Seapoint or Crescent beach prior to 10:00AM or after 5:00PM.  They may be off leash ( Under the control of their owner/keeper). NO dogs are allowed, leashed or off leash, between 10:01AM and 5:00PM.

Sept. 11 to Sept. 30: No time of day restrictions, but restricted to dogs license to Kittery residents.

All dogs licensed in Maine have a license tag, shaped in the outline of the State of Maine, bearing a serial #. Specific serial #'s are assigned to Kittery dogs.  NO TAG?, Dog will not be allowed.


Rules pertaining to

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