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To:       Seacoast Media Group           
From:   Lt. John Desjardins
Date:   August 14, 2017
Re:      Kittery Police Promote Registration Compliance

The Kittery Police Department would like to remind the public of Maine laws pertaining to the registration of motor vehicles in Maine subsequent to establishing residency in the state, and the commitment to enforcing those laws during routine traffic stops, upon citizen complaints, and through regular patrol operations. The department’s ultimate goal is gaining voluntary compliance and will continue with a public awareness campaign through social media, town web sites and citizen contacts.

Maine law requires owners to register their vehicle in the State of Maine within 30 days of establishing residency in the state.  Residency can be established by living in Kittery for 30 or more days, even if you have not bought a home or signed a lease. 

Failure to register your vehicle in Maine can result in a $70 fine or result in being charged with a Class E crime if more than 150 days have elapsed since establishing residency. Failure to register in this state for the purpose of evading registration and excise taxes is subject to a $911 fine.

To register your vehicle visit Kittery Town Hall at 200 Rogers Road between 8AM and 5:30PM Monday through Thursday. For more information about vehicle registrations please visit or contact the Kittery Police Department at
(207) 439-1638

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