The Mission of the KPBA is to promote and enhance the relationship between the Kittery Police Department and the public and to encourage professionalism, integrity and esprit de corps among its members.

K. P. B. A.

Helping our neighbors and the community


The Kittery Police Benevolent Association is administered by a small group of officers who take requests for assistance or donations from individuals and organizations.  The group forwards the request to the general membership of the association, who vote on each request.   Officers in the Kittery Police Department give a small portion of their pay each week to fund many of the charities. We also get unsolicited donation checks from individuals and business throughout the year.

Each year the Kittery Police Benevolent Association (KPBA) supports numerous charities, or special requests in our community to include:


                    Donated to the family of an Eliot elementary student stricken with Cancer.

                       Donated money for the Traip Academy football field bleachers.

                       Provided assistance to a disabled Kittery resident, in purchasing a van. 

                       We donate each year to the Footprints Food pantry and have assisted those in help with medical bills. 

                       We also gave money to a Kittery elementary student, who was accepted to a performing arts camp in Los Angeles California. 

In addition each year we support youth drug and alcohol awareness and Camp Postcard, a summer camp for under privileged children.

The KPBA also provides a scholarship each year to a Traip Academy student who is pursuing a career in Law Enforcement or related field.


We want to thank all the residents of Kittery for your continued support and we wish to remind you that if you have a charity, worthy cause or special case, that you would like considered for our support, please feel free to contact me.

~ Brian


President, KPBA